Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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After Earth: Incidents related to Will Smith and Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith portrays the character of Kitai Raige in the film After Earth who must prove his capabilities to match his tough father Cypher played by Will by assisting him. Will admits that the situations in the movie and reality are quite same as Jaden is struggling for his own dignity to match his biggest movie star father. (Watch After Earth Online)

Will Smith wants to get himself filmed at more exotic destinations. The actor feels that he would select the movie based on the location in the future viewing his rising career.

Parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith believe in allowing their children Jaden and Willow to make their decisions themselves. Will Smith reveals that his son Jaden Smith 14 years wants the gift of freedom from them on his 15th birthday in July. Although he would become emancipated minor, he is looking forward to have his own independent place. Later it was declared as a joke that was taken out of a context.(Watch After Earth Online)

William admitted that the movie features a couple of scenes in the jungles of Costa Rica that presents his worst parenting dilemma in cinematic history. Jaden had to shoot a scene involving the Earth’s second most poisonous snakes, fer-de-lances, riddled up a tree. According to Will a lot of secrecy was maintained from Jaden to avoid him freaking out. He even had a scene in a river swarming with crocodiles. Additionally the river has piranhas too that pose a potential threat to Jaden along the crocodiles.

Jaden Smith too shares his shooting experience on the Costa Rica set. When he was made to stand next to a volcano, he was really worried. The crew convinced him that it was inactive but it couldn’t make him feel relaxed. (Download After Earth Movie)


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

After Earth – the father-son Duo

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After Earth – the father-son Duo

After Earth is a perfect upcoming science fiction flick dually flavored with both action and adventure. Director M. Night Shyamalan has very carefully captured different phases of father son relationship in  this flick as it features real life father and son Will Smith and Jaden Smith.(Watch After Earth Online)

This is the second time when SR. and Jr. Smith are working jointly on a venture. Earlier they had worked together in 2006 blockbuster ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’.  Storyline of this movie is penned down by Will himself. Will was touched while watching a TV show based on real stories in which a son save life of his critically injured father in remote area by risking his life. That TV show inspired Smith to writer After Earth. (Download After Earth Movie)

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The story depicts human future after thousands of years when mother earth will be abandoned and all humans’ starts to live on another planet outside our solar system. Cypher (Will Smith) is a very honest and brave military guy who is responsible for the training of new recruits. Kitai (Jaden Smith), son of Cypher is also being trained under him with other boys. After the completion of training, the squad gets ready for a mission but their plane crashed on earth thus killing everybody on board except Kitai and Cypher. Though Cypher is alive but he gets injured in the crash. (Watch After Earth Online Free)

Watch After Earth Online | Download After Earth Movie

Father son duo is fully dependent upon each other on abandon earth full of deadly creatures. While discovering new aspects of father son relationship the duo fight on to survive on earth. Kitai have to go outside the crashed plane to find lost signaling device and save hi injured father in cockpit. Just watch this flick and discover how love and affection for his father makes Kitai so strong that he resists all enemies without a flinch. (Download After Earth Movie)

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Monday, May 27, 2013

After Earth: Activities undertaken for marketing the movie

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After Earth: Activities undertaken for marketing the movie

Initially the movie was slated to be released on June 7 but now it will hit the cinemas on May 31. Although the movie has to compete with Now You See Me and The Purge but the earlier arrival of movie is an attempt to snatch an extra week of summer vacations. (Watch After Earth Online)
The concept of After Earth generated in Smith’s mind from camping and the idea of being in nature. Realizing the huge possibility, producer Will Smith and screenwriter Gary Whitta developed the impression of basic survival into a science-fiction movie.

Following the release of the highly anticipated movie After Earth, Kiwi company is releasing an interactive application titled After Earth: Kitai’s Journal globally. It is developed by UK-based BeyondTheStory for the Sony Pictures Entertainment/Overbrook Entertainment film and its tie-in book. Kitai Raige, a teenager, records his mission of battling to save himself and his father in Kitai’s Journal after their spacecraft lands on the immensely transformed planet Earth facing a crash. The iPad 2 or above users will be able to bring alive their experience on a digital screen using the app by immersing themselves in the elaborated storyline, imagery and background. (Watch After Earth Online)


The most famous thinkers, inventors, authors and futurists of the Earth were available in a live Google+ Hangout to discuss their views on the vision of the future that After Earth depicts. The fans were asked to submit their questions in context to the present state of Earth, the future and the environment which were answered by the panelists. Topics such as interaction of technology development, space travel and ecological (Download After Earth Movie)  preservation were inquired into by the participants.


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After Earth: The movie that can bring back glory to Shyamalan

After Earth is a movie that features Will Smith and Jaden Smith as a father and son that land on the long-uninhabited Planet Earth after their spaceship undergoes a crash. Being his long time dream to work on a project with director M Night Shyamalan, Will picked Shyamalan to offer his direction abilities for the film. (
Watch After Earth Online)

M Night Shyamalan’s career has been a rocky road as he could not succeed to attain the heights he achieved with his Oscar-nominated thriller The Sixth Sense in 1999. Although he is struggling to maintain his position in Hollywood’s blockbuster directors, the writer-director has remained the brand name for selling his all films. The notion has been broken with Sony’s After Earth in which action, Will Smith and Jaden Smith have been the central attraction in the marketing campaign. He has been completely excluded from the key promotional materials such as trailers, posters, TV spots and the movie’s own website.

After Earth is the first movie for which Shyamalan is hired to direct.

It is for the first time in the 20 years that director M. Night Shyamalan did a movie project which involves screenplays other than his own.

It is Shyamalan’s first digital film and first complete movie utilizing the Sony F65 digital camera.

Fox’s The Happening is the last original film written and directed by Shyamalan that grossed $ 163 million world wide in 2008.

Shyamalan is going to make a first attempt in television, executive production and direction by filming Fox’s 2014 limited series Wayward Pines which will feature the story of a secret service agent going to Wayward Pines, Idaho, looking for two missing federal agents. 


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